Unruly Law ⚖️ Donald Trump Conviction

This summary was written by my good friend Jack Painter.  Jack is our neighbor in Naples.  He is well versed in US law. 

My intent is sending this summary is that people need to realize what just happened with our country’s judicial system.  To

our rule of law.

Please forward if you wish.  

John Anderson


A Manhattan jury convicted Donald Trump on all 34 counts of fraudulently falsifying business records. The verdict was historic but unsurprising. District Attorney Alvin Bragg, a progressive Democrat whose campaign touted his record of filing lawsuits against Trump in the state attorney general’s office, pursued a manifestly selective prosecution. 

The 34 counts involved bookkeeping infractions from seven years ago—at most trivial inaccuracies that are misdemeanors normally not prosecuted in New York and charges that should have been time-barred by the two-year statute of limitations. Bragg inflated them into felony counts with a six-year limitation period by alleging that Trump had been concealing another crime. In blatant violation of basic due process, Bragg refused to describe this other crime with specificity. This caginess owed to the fact that Bragg planned to allege that Trump had violated federal campaign law—a corpus that Bragg has no jurisdiction to enforce and that the federal agencies that do have enforcement authority for, the DOJ and the FEC, concluded Trump had not violated. 

Bragg was abetted in this stratagem by Judge Juan Merchan, an activist Democrat who contributed to Biden’s 2020 campaign against Trump and whose daughter is a progressive operative who does lucrative election work for top Democrats, including Biden, Kamala Harris, and Adam Schiff. Judge Merchan gave Bragg’s prosecutors every bounce of the ball.

 That included allowing them to call porn star Stormy Daniels for gratuitous, graphic testimony about what she alleges was a tryst with Trump in 2006; denying the defense’s motion to call as an expert former FEC commissioner Brad Smith, who would have testified that the payments for nondisclosure agreements to Daniels and another woman who claims a long-ago affair with Trump were not cognizable campaign expenditures under federal law; and allowing Bragg’s team to establish a conspiracy to violate federal campaign law by stressing the guilty pleas of Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen, even though, under rudimentary legal principles, the guilty pleas were not admissible against Trump. The coup de grace was Merchan’s jury instructions, a road map to conviction that the jury dutifully followed. 

Trump faces a maximum 20-year prison sentence but should get no jail time for a nonviolent crime manufactured by a DA notorious for not prosecuting serious crime. Naturally, Merchan has scheduled sentencing for July 11, four days before the start of the 2024 Republican convention.


Jack W. Painter



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