Media Is Gaslighting You About Biden’s Obvious Signs of Decline. Here’s Why It Won’t Work.

June 20 2024
Media Is Gaslighting You About Biden's Obvious Signs of Decline. Here's Why It   Won't Work.
By Jarrett Stepman

Given the demands on a modern American president, we should be concerned. If President Biden really is out to lunch, then who is really running the executive branch? 
Biden's Hypocrisy on Climate Change Painfully Obvious
By Diana Furchtgott-Roth

President Biden repeatedly has called climate change an "existential threat," worse than nuclear weapons.
Conservative Stalwart Morton Blackwell Prepares for 10th Term as Republican Committeeman
By Rob Bluey

When the Republican National Convention kicks off in Milwaukee next month, conservative leader Morton Blackwell once again will be in the middle of the action.
Poll: Majority of Hispanics Favor Deporting 'All' Illegal Immigrants
By Jason Hopkins

An outright majority of Hispanic Americans are in favor of a mass deportation plan for illegal immigrants, a new survey found.
Pro-Life Physicians Prepare   to Counter Misleading Medicalization of Induced Abortions
By Dr. Christina Francis

We are prepared to counter fear with facts this year, leveraging the expertise of thousands of physicians who understand the medical perils of unregulated induced abortion.
Cruz Announces Bill to Crack Down on 'Deepfake' Revenge Porn
By Jarrett Stepman

"Many women and girls are forever harmed by these crimes, having to live with being victimized again and again," says the Texas Republican.
WWII-Era Germans vs. Palestinians: An Eye-Opening Historical Comparison
By Dennis Prager

Morally speaking, it would be difficult to name a less impressive people than the Palestinians over the past century.
ICYMI: Don't Let the Left Ruin Juneteenth's True Meaning
By Kevin Roberts

It's a mistake to abandon a unifying national holiday to the manipulations of the Left. We should instead do what conservatives are best at: Get back to the roots.

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