‘Total Vindication’ for FBI Whistleblower Who Questioned Wray’s Narrative on Jan. 6

June 5 2024
'Total Vindication' for FBI Whistleblower Who Questioned Wray's Narrative on Jan. 6
By Fred Lucas

The FBI reinstates the security clearance of a whistleblower who questioned the official FBI narrative about confidential informants and the Capitol riot.
MASK OFF: Vermont Foster Care Rule Reveals the Left's Terrifying New State Religion
By Tyler O'Neil

This isn't just anti-Christian discrimination—it's a religious test applied to the foster care system.
Biden's Edict on Southern Border Is an Election Year Stunt, Republicans Say
By Virginia Allen

President Joe Biden signs an executive order giving himself the authority to close the border when the seven-day average of daily border crossings between ports of entry exceeds 2,500.
FBI Agents March, Wave LGBTQ Flags at California 'Pride' Parade
By Hudson Crozier

The FBI isn't commenting after several of the law enforcement agency's employees participated in an LGBTQ Pride parade in West Hollywood, California.
Comedians Who Stand Up for Free Speech Will Have the Last Laugh
By Andrew Olivastro, Jonathan Grella

What if the superheroes who end up saving the day for our fundamental freedoms are actually jokers in disguise?
'You Need to Make Your Products Safe for Kids,' Tennessee AG Demands of Social Media Companies
By Virginia Allen

Instagram's parent company Meta knew the harm the platform was doing to minors and did nothing about it, Tennessee Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti says.
America Was Built on Cooperation, Not Oppression
By Murray Bessette, David Rose

America's story is not one driven solely or even mostly by oppression, because a society can't raise the level of general prosperity through piracy and plunder.
Trans Bathroom Preference Outweighs Girls' Safety in Midwest School District's New Policy
By Elizabeth Troutman

Minneapolis Public Schools adopts a new "gender inclusion" policy allowing boys who identify as girls to share restrooms, locker rooms, and overnight-trip hotel rooms with females.
Trump's Appeal Will Raise Constitutional Issues at Trial
By John G. Malcolm

The Rubicon has been crossed with Trump's conviction, but the former president will appeal following what he called "a rigged, disgraceful trial." Here's what happens next.
ICYMI: Biden Turns American Dream of Retirement Into a Nightmare
By EJ Antoni, Peter St. Onge

If you're one of the millions of Americans struggling to save for retirement today, get ready for more struggle, at least if President Biden gets his way.

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