To the Condescending Cranks Faking Outrage Over Upside-Down Flags

Plus: Trump Verdict Makes NYC 'Venezuela on the Hudson'
June 7 2024
To the Condescending Cranks Faking Outrage Over Upside-Down Flags
By Tony Kinnett

I reserve the right to fly my flag upside down to signal my extreme distress at this danger to the life and property of the republic I love, and I'll do so whenever I find it appropriate.
Trump Verdict Makes NYC 'Venezuela on the Hudson'
By Hans von Spakovsky

When the Trump defense team files its appeal, it will probably have to be the size of "War and Peace" to list all of the legal errors and fallacies committed by the judge and the prosecution.
Should Sotomayor Cry Some More?
By Terence Jeffrey

"There are days that I've come to my office after an announcement of a case and closed my door and cried," Sotomayor says.
Biden's Regulations Cost American Households Tens of Thousands, Report Says
By Will Kessler

About $1.6 trillion in costs have been imposed by a total of 923 new regulations finalized under President Biden.
Houston Storm Reveals Downside of Forced Electrification
By Diana Furchtgott-Roth

The Houston crisis dramatically illustrates that not only will forced electrification lead to higher energy prices, but it will reduce economic resilience.
Harvard's Largest Faculty Department Ditches Hiring   Mandate Compelling Applicants to Pledge Allegiance to Diversity
By Kate Anderson

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the university's largest department, has required diversity statements for new hires for the past five years.
ICYMI: Conservative Groups Respond to Getting Left Off SPLC 'Hate Map'
By Tyler O'Neil

The Southern Poverty Law Center releases its annual list of "hate groups" and "antigovernment extremist groups," and some conservatives say they're disappointed to be left out.

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