Social Media Message Could Doom Trump NYC Verdict—If It’s True (And That’s a BIG IF)

June 8 2024
Social Media Message Could Doom Trump NYC Verdict—If It's True (And That's a BIG IF)
By Zack Smith

"My cousin is a juror and says Trump is getting convicted," posted a Facebook user named Michael Anderson.
The Myth That Biden Had Nothing to Do With the Prosecutions of Trump
By Victor Davis Hanson

The media and Democrats should admit that they are terrified of the will of the people in November and so are conniving to silence them.
Conservative Conference Leaders Slam 'Global Left' as Guest Speaker Faces Prison Sentence
By Hudson Crozier

"Steve Bannon has been one of the world's leading nationalists for decades," says Saurabh Sharma. "The global Left knows this and thinks it can silence him with endless lawfare."
Senators Urge Supreme Court to Stop Mexico's Bid to Blame US Firearms Makers for Cartel Gun Violence
By Tyler O'Neil

"Mexico is trying to impose its own interpretation of American law on American businesses, and … erode American sovereignty and threaten the Second Amendment," says Sen. Ted Cruz.
Stadium-Sized 'Day of Gratitude' Event Set in Las Vegas for Military Personnel, Veterans
By Olivia Pero

"Too many [veterans] feel like relics that have been forgotten, and that's a narrative that has got to be changed in our nation," says Dave Donaldson, CEO of CityServe International.
Biden State Department Spending Millions on Foreign LGBTQ Events
By Robert Schmad

Funding pro-LGBTQ events and organizations abroad has become commonplace in President Biden's State Department.
By Allying With Loudmouth De Niro, Biden Shreds Avuncular Image
By Deroy Murdock

De Niro and President Biden are not so far apart.
Biden Administration Indicts Doctor Who Blew Whistle on Gender Treatments for Minors
By Virginia Allen

"They thought I was going to bend the knee to their evil ideology, like most doctors would have done. But … they had knocked on the wrong door," the doctor told The Daily Signal.
High Court Upholds NRA's 1st Amendment Rights to Defend 2nd Amendment
By Amy Swearer

It's not every day that a pro-Second Amendment group gets a resounding victory at the Supreme Court.
ICYMI: To the Condescending Cranks Faking Outrage Over Upside-Down Flags
By Tony Kinnett

I reserve the right to fly my flag upside down to signal my extreme distress at this danger to the life and property of the republic I love, and I'll do so whenever I find it appropriate.

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