Leftist Media Gatekeepers’ Power Is Crumbling

Plus: Sens. Daines, Paul Join Republican Effort to Stop Democrat Agenda Post-Trump Verdict
June 6 2024
Leftist Media Gatekeepers' Power Is Crumbling
By Jarrett Stepman

The people who run The Washington Post seem to understand there's a crisis—losing lots of money being the prime indicator. The question is, do they understand what the real source of that problem is?
Sens. Daines, Paul Join Republican Effort to Stop Democrat Agenda Post-Trump Verdict
By Elizabeth Troutman

Two more Republican senators sign on with 11 others, vowing to oppose Democrats' legislative priorities in response to former President Donald Trump's guilty verdict in New York.
Why Biden's Executive Order Won't Solve the Illegal Immigration Crisis
By Simon Hankinson

President Biden's executive order pretends to secure the border, but it still allows for massive numbers of illegal aliens to enter the U.S. and gives the administration broad discretion to abuse.
Beware When Leftist Journalists Use Founders to Attack Trump
By Tim Graham

The Left hates the Founders, routinely denouncing them as a racist, sexist patriarchy. Yet when it comes to punishing Donald Trump, they claim the revolutionaries would absolutely side with them.
2 School Textbook Giants Replace 'Sex' With 'Gender.' Parents, Teachers   Aren't Buying.
By Jonathan Butcher

Scholastic, one of the world's largest publishers of school books, releases a guide for parents and teachers promoting its "Read With Pride" series, which teaches children about LGBTQ issues.
ICYMI: Daily Signal Reporter Becomes Top Author in LGBTQ Books
By Olivia Pero

A senior reporter for The Daily Signal is Amazon's bestselling author for LGBTQ books, although probably not for the reason that most in that community would appreciate.

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