‘INSULTING’: Senate Republicans Say Biden Won’t Enforce Border Security Order

Plus: 35 Years After Tiananmen Square, Beijing Still Tries to Erase Memories
June 4 2024
'INSULTING': Senate Republicans Say Biden Won't Enforce Border Security Order
By Elizabeth Troutman

President Biden's new executive order on the border is a political ploy to get more votes in the 2024 presidential election, Republican senators say. They also predict he won't enforce it.
35 Years After Tiananmen Square, Beijing Still Tries to Erase Memories
By Michael Cunningham

The Chinese government's efforts to erase public memory of the Tiananmen Square massacre continue 35 years later, but people still remember—and we should help them do so.
You and What Army, ICC?
By David Harsanyi

The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Karim Khan, seeks the arrest of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other Israeli war council members over imaginary war crimes.
Biden Turns American Dream of Retirement Into a Nightmare
By EJ Antoni, Peter St. Onge

If you're one of the millions of Americans struggling to save for retirement today, get ready for more struggle, at least if President Biden gets his way.
ICYMI: America Is Under Attack
By Johnny Cochran

The United States of America, a few years short of its 250th birthday, is at war. This is not a war with Russia or China. This is a war from within.
ICYMI: BREAKING: Vermont Mandated 'Ideological Position at Expense of Children,' Lawsuit Claims
By Mary Margaret Olohan

A new lawsuit alleges that Vermont blocked two families from fostering children, despite the state's foster care system crisis, because the families held traditional, religious views on gender and sexuality.

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