Independent and Ambitious: A New Era for The Daily Signal

June 3 2024
Independent and Ambitious: A New Era for The Daily Signal
By Rob Bluey

We're announcing an exciting new era for The Daily Signal. We view the public's crumbling faith in media as a moment to put rocket boosters on our scrappy news outlet.
Battle for Senate GOP Leader: Rick Scott Aims to Shake Up Status Quo
By Rob Bluey

"If you want change, you're going to have to change your way the Senate is run. We need to go back to represent our states," says Sen. Rick Scott.
Big Labor Exploits Border Crisis for Its Own Selfish Gain
By Maddie Dermon

A recent email details a plot by the Service Employees International Union to take advantage of years of chaos at the southern border to mint millions of new Democrat voters.
The Many Ways Biden Doesn't Measure Up
By Rep. Kevin Hern

The president shouldn't be a punch line. He's the most powerful person on the planet and leader of the free world. Presidents are supposed to inspire hope; they don't hide in a basement.
Meet The Daily Signal's Team of Journalists
By Olivia Pero

Our team consists of 12 full-time staff, two fellows, two interns, and other contributors. Learn more about them.
Biden's Housing Headache
By Kevin Roberts, EJ Antoni

President Biden promised to lower housing costs during his State of the Union address earlier this spring. To date, his plan has been an utter failure.
A Look Back at The Daily Signal's First Decade
By Katrina Trinko

Here's a look at some of the best journalism produced by The Daily Signal over the years.
ICYMI: How Republicans Plan to Stymie Democrats After Controversial Trump Verdict
By Rob Bluey

Democrats might control the Senate, but they'll have a hard time getting things done if 10 of their Republican counterparts have anything to say about it.

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