Hunter Biden’s Lawyers Rest Case Without Defendant’s Testimony

Plus: SEIU Puts Progressive Ideology Over Well-Being of Its Members
June 10 2024
Hunter Biden's Lawyers Rest Case Without Defendant's Testimony
By Elizabeth Troutman

Hunter Biden's lawyers rest their case in the federal criminal trial against the president's son without calling him to testify in his own defense.
SEIU Puts Progressive Ideology Over Well-Being of Its Members
By Hunter Tower

The Service Employees International Union's 2024 convention might have provided the union with an opportunity to refocus its efforts on workplace representation over divisive politics. No such luck.
Dozens of Energy Groups Ask Congress to Overturn Biden's Green Power Plant Rules
By Nick Pope

Energy policy groups warn a Biden rule "will drive up consumer energy costs, impair grid reliability, and chill economic growth."
China's Land Purchases in US Spark Cry Out for Federal Solution
By Bryan Burack

The federal government has no idea how much real estate Chinese entities own in the United States. The U.S. Department of Agriculture underestimates Chinese ownership by at least 50%.
Why Is Joe Biden Negotiating With Terrorists?
By Star Parker

Why is the United States negotiating with terrorists and giving legitimacy to those who commit atrocities beyond the pale of minimally decent human behavior?
ICYMI: EXCLUSIVE: Arizona Cities Show How NOT to Fix Homelessness Despite Spending   Millions
By Virginia Allen

Phoenix "has allocated over $180 million to homelessness services since 2021 through a combination of federal, state, and local funding," reports the Goldwater Institute.

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