Here’s What I Saw at a Maryland Kids’ Pride Parade

June 11 2024

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Here's What I Saw at a Maryland Kids' Pride Parade
By Elizabeth Troutman

Hundreds of parents bring their children, as young as babies and toddlers, to wave rainbow flags, pose with a drag queen, and do LGBTQ-themed crafts at a "Kids' Pride Parade and Street Fair."
FBI Suspends Employee's Clearance After Probing Trump Support, COVID-19 Views
By Fred Lucas, Tyler O'Neil

The FBI revokes the security clearance of an employee after asking colleagues questions about his support for former President Donald Trump and views on the COVID-19 vaccine.
Hunter's Plea for Jury Nullification
By Cully Stimson, John G. Malcolm

The Justice Department, where we both worked as federal prosecutors, grossly mishandles the Hunter Biden case.
9 Things I Saw at the Pro-Hamas White House Rally
By Hudson Crozier

Thousands gather around the White House to demand President Joe Biden stop all military aid to Israel amid its war against the terrorist group Hamas.
Conservative Wins in EU to Make Biden Administration 'Very Nervous'
By Virginia Allen

The European Union may have just taken a big step to the political right, and the Biden administration should take note, according to a Heritage Foundation expert.
Virginia Breaks Free From California's Extreme Car Restrictions
By Diana Furchtgott-Roth

In a move that's good news for drivers nationwide, Virginia declares its independence from California's latest automotive standards.
Tucker Carlson's 15-City Tour: Find Out Where He's Going
By Rob Bluey

Popular conservative host Tucker Carlson is planning a nationwide speaking tour this September featuring a range of newsmakers and political leaders leading up to Election Day.
When Lady Justice Lifts Blindfold Over Her Left Eye Only
By Deroy Murdock

Witness America's two-track justice system: One for the Left—in which they suffer few consequences, if any, for their misdeeds—and one for the Right, in which arrests, trials, and prison sentences are routine.
How Will Trump Verdict Affect His Election Prospects? New Poll Offers First Clue
By Rob Bluey

New polling data from Scott Rasmussen bursts the Democrats' narrative about former President Donald Trump's conviction in the New York hush money trial.
ICYMI: Hunter Biden's Lawyers Rest Case Without Defendant's Testimony
By Elizabeth Troutman

Hunter Biden's lawyers rest their case in the federal criminal trial against the president's son without calling him to testify in his own defense.

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