Here's the Real Reason Why Congress Is So Dysfunctional

Plus: Missouri School District Spends $61,000 to Ensure Math Class Is 'Free of Bias'
June 3 2024
Here's the Real Reason Why Congress Is So Dysfunctional
By Armstrong Williams

Congress is largely run by rookies paid miserly wages who then move on after a few years to lucrative lobbying on K Street as a financial necessity. Congress is starved of institutional memory and expertise....
Missouri School District Spends $61,000 to Ensure Math Class Is 'Free of Bias'
By Elizabeth Troutman

A Missouri school district spends more than $61,000 on a new math curriculum that prioritizes "cultural, racial, and gender diversity."
Win for Religious Freedom: CVS Settles Lawsuit With Christian Nurse
By Kate Anderson

CVS Health Corp. settles with a nurse practitioner after denying her religious accommodation regarding "pregnancy prevention services."
Majority of Americans Think US Economy Is in Recession and Shrinking, Poll Finds
By Will Kessler

Most Americans say that the U.S. is currently in a recession, blaming the Biden administration for harsh economic conditions, according to The Harris Poll, a research firm.
The Sick, Sociopathic Symbiosis of the Woke Left and Jihadi Enthusiasts
By Peter Berkowitz

Following Hamas' bloodthirsty Oct. 7 assault on Israel's southern border communities, woke leftists and jihad enthusiasts on campuses and beyond form a perplexing alliance.
ICYMI: Independent and Ambitious: A New Era for The Daily Signal
By Rob Bluey

We're announcing an exciting new era for The Daily Signal. We view the public's crumbling faith in media as a moment to put rocket boosters on our scrappy news outlet.

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