Far-Left Smear Factory Lays Off 1/4 of Its Staff After Smearing More Conservatives as ‘Hate Groups’

Plus: 15 Things I Saw at the 2024 DC Pride Parade
June 13 2024
Far-Left Smear Factory Lays Off 1/4 of Its Staff After Smearing More Conservatives as 'Hate   Groups'
By Tyler O'Neil

The Southern Poverty Law Center puts Christian nonprofits like Alliance Defending Freedom and the Family Research Council on its map as "anti-LGBTQ+ hate groups."
15 Things I Saw at the 2024 DC Pride Parade
By Olivia Pero

"Furries" (people who identify as or like to dress as animals) and people wearing fetish and bondage gear followed behind a group with parents and children in the parade.
Time Magazine Betrays Its Tilt in Biden, Trump Interviews
By Tim Graham

Time's "fact check" of the former President Trump interviews ("21 minute read") is almost as long as the entire President Biden interview.
'No Alternative but to Sue.' ACLU Takes Action Against Biden's Southern Border   Order.
By Virginia Allen

The American Civil Liberties Union sues the Biden administration over a recent executive order that aims to limit the number of illegal aliens that cross the southern border daily.
Your Money Problems Are Imaginary, the White House Claims. The Facts Say Otherwise.
By EJ Antoni

As an MSNBC host put it, Americans need "an economic explainer," since "people are confused" about their financial situation. They're actually "doing quite well," she laughably asserted.
Court Strikes Down Lia Thomas' Challenge to Rule Restricting   Women's Events to... Women
By Harold Hutchison

Former University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas' challenge to a rule that prevents the biological male from competing against women in "elite events" is shot down.
ICYMI: Supreme Court Delivers Procedural Ruling on Abortion Drugs
By Mary Margaret Olohan

Justice Brett Kavanaugh delivers the opinion of the court.
ICYMI: All Republicans but This 1 Vote to Hold Garland in Contempt
By Jarrett Stepman

All House Republicans but one vote to hold Attorney General Merrick Garland in contempt for refusing to hand over audio recordings of President Biden's conversations with special counsel Robert Hur.

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