Did Judge in Trump Case Violate Constitution With His Jury Instructions? These Attorneys Think So

June 1 2024
Did Judge in Trump Case Violate Constitution With His Jury Instructions? These Attorneys Think So
By Jason Cohen

"Those jury instructions were just a complete—just take the Constitution, throw it out a window, burn it, shoot it, and hang it," a defense attorney tells CNN.
Yes, Trump Could Be Elected President From Prison
By Virginia Allen

Not only could Donald Trump get elected from prison, he could be sworn in as president from there.
Trump Vows to Fight on Despite Conviction
By Philip Wegmann

Donald Trump has six months to convince the country to return him to the White House. He argues that his conviction is part of a larger war for the soul of a nation.
What Are NIH Officials Hiding?: Fauci to Testify on America's Response to COVID-19
By Robert Moffit, Mary McCloskey

Anthony Fauci will testify Monday before Congress. He'll likely be asked why his senior adviser revealed to Congress that he sent official records to Fauci via personal email to avoid oversight.
Biden's Regulations Cost American Households Tens of Thousands, Report Says
By Will Kessler

Regulations on appliances, cars, energy, and more in just the first two years of the Biden administration are leading to almost $10,000 in added costs for American households.
Videos Uncover Illegal Immigration Realities the Media Tries to Hide: The BorderLine
By Simon Hankinson

As legacy media ignore the biggest illegal immigration wave in U.S. history, concerned Americans are looking to alternative sources for accurate information.
ICYMI: UK Silent Prayer Arrests Prompt International Embarrassment
By Sean Nelson

Scotland's new "hate speech" law took effect in April. Ireland wants to criminalize material "likely to incite hatred" over gender identity. And the U.K. arrests those silently praying on the street.

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