Conservative Groups Respond to Getting Left Off SPLC ‘Hate Map’

June 7 2024
Conservative Groups Respond to Getting Left Off SPLC 'Hate Map'
By Tyler O'Neil

The Southern Poverty Law Center releases its annual list of "hate groups" and "antigovernment extremist groups," and some conservatives say they're disappointed to be left out.
EXCLUSIVE: Andy Ngo Delivers 2024's Riot Season Forecast
By Tony Kinnett

The nominal cause of the riots changes, but the goal is to destabilize America and ultimately to overthrow the U.S. government, says veteran journalist Andy Ngo.
'WE WILL FIND YOU AND DEFEAT YOU': PAC Warns Republicans Who 'Support Open Borders'
By Elizabeth Troutman

Republicans seen as insufficiently strong on border security should proceed with caution, warns a political action committee that plans to spend over $1 million to defeat them this fall.
DEI Is Being Ditched. Here's Why.
By Virginia Allen

Some universities are repealing and replacing their diversity, equity, and inclusion policies.
Parents' Involvement Called Key to Keeping Leftism Out of Schools
By Hudson Crozier

The head of Florida's Education Department urges parents to "be involved" in public schools for their children's sake.
A Reminder of Heroism's Foundation: The 80th Anniversary of D-Day
By Jordan Embree

In this era of intense political polarization, Americans must unite around the timeless principles of democracy, faith, and freedom, for which our brave troops laid down their lives.
The Legacy Media's Breathless Coverage of Trump's 'Hush Money Criminal Trial'
By Tim Graham

Democrats who warn Trump will end "democracy" don't understand that many voters see a conspiracy of partisan prosecutors trying to convict and imprison Trump before the election.
Evidence Clear: Foreign Nationals Vote Illegally in Our Elections
By Hans von Spakovsky, J. Christian Adams

Aliens are registering and voting in American elections. But unfortunately, those who expose the truth about it are subjected to ridicule and an onslaught from the Left.
ICYMI: Leftist Media Gatekeepers' Power Is Crumbling
By Jarrett Stepman

The people who run The Washington Post seem to understand there's a crisis—losing lots of money being the prime indicator. The question is, do they understand what the real source of that problem is?

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