Arizona Cities Show How NOT to Fix Homelessness Despite Spending Millions

June 10 2024
EXCLUSIVE: Arizona Cities Show How NOT to Fix Homelessness Despite Spending Millions
By Virginia Allen

Phoenix "has allocated over $180 million to homelessness services since 2021 through a combination of federal, state, and local funding," reports the Goldwater Institute.
SPLC Changes Number of 'Radical Traditional Catholic Hate Groups' in Latest 'Hate Map' After FBI Backlash
By Tyler O'Neil

By the SPLC's logic, any Catholic organization dedicated to the official teaching outlined in the Catechism of the Catholic Church could be considered a "hate group."
'Great Felon Ideas': Battleground State Struggles to Apply Biden's Election Order
By Fred Lucas

President Biden's Executive Order 14019 calls for the Justice Department to ensure that convicted felons know how to restore their voting rights.
The Problem With 'Our Democracy'
By Steve McKee

Let's call our nation what it is: a republic. Whether out of ignorance or malevolence, saying "our democracy" is less likely to strengthen our heritage than seed our demise.
Pollster: Trump Verdict Has 'No Measurable Impact' in Latest Election Survey
By Rob Bluey

"Survey results following the conviction are virtually identical to results preceding the conviction," pollster Scott Rasmussen says.
Mother of Hunter Biden's Daughter Says President Still Has Never Met or Contacted Granddaughter
By Jason Cohen

Lunden Roberts says that the "door is always open" for the president to meet his granddaughter and it "always will be."
What Happened When a New York Times Reporter Saw 2020 Revolution, Firsthand
By Katrina Trinko

Nellie Bowles, once a Hillary Clinton supporter, found her beliefs challenged when she reported on the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone and anti-racism trainings.
Democrats' Lawfare Proves Politically Impotent, Likely to Come Back to Haunt Them
By Josh Hammer

Even prior to the onslaught of Trump indictments filed last year, many of us "deplorables" were already convinced we have a two-tier system of justice in this country.
Connecticut Town Won't Hoist 'Thin Blue Line' Flag for State Trooper, Lowers 'Pride' Flag to Half-Staff Instead
By Jarrett Stepman

The symbols the Left has chosen to revere hinge on grievance and "pride" without honor. They don't elevate. Instead, they put victimhood and narcissism above courage and sacrifice.
ICYMI: Social Media Message Could Doom Trump NYC Verdict—If It's True (And That's a BIG IF)
By Zack Smith

"My cousin is a juror and says Trump is getting convicted," posted a Facebook user named Michael Anderson.

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