And you seriously expect me to be outraged about a $130,000 personal payment ‼️

Barack Obama sends $1.7 billion (in cash, on pallets) to Iran during his last year in office.

Under Hillary Clinton's watch as Secretary of State, $6 billion goes "improperly accounted for" (read, missing) and her unguarded emails reveal dozens of items of top secret information to our enemies, but she is not prosecuted.

Joe Biden gives $6 billion to Iran, and gives them access to $10 billion more (think of it as a line of credit for terrorism), which they promptly use to arm Hamas to attack Israel.

The President's son Hunter flies all over the world peddling his father's influence (read, taking bribes for Joe's favors) to Russia, Ukraine, Iran, and China, among others, and pays "The Big Guy" a tithe of his millions. 

And you seriously expect me to be outraged about a $130,000 personal payment to a stripper recorded as 'attorney fees" in a millionaire's check register?

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