America Is Under Attack

June 4 2024
America Is Under Attack
By Johnny Cochran

The United States of America, a few years short of its 250th birthday, is at war. This is not a war with Russia or China. This is a war from within.
7 Highlights as Fauci Testifies Under Oath on COVID-19
By Fred Lucas

"It would be physically impossible for me to go through every single grant in a detailed way to understand it," Fauci says of grants for research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
Jury Selected in Hunter Biden's Drug-Related Gun Trial
By Fred Lucas

The first of two trials of the first son of a sitting president to be criminally indicted comes just days after Biden's once and future electoral opponent, Donald Trump, became the first former president...
Looking Back and Launching Forward: What Future Holds for The Daily Signal
By Virginia Allen

In 2014, The Heritage Foundation founded The Daily Signal to fill a void in conservative media. A decade later, the D.C.-based news outlet is entering a new chapter and expanding its influence.
Louisiana Set to Become 8th State to Adopt a 'Given Name Act.'   Here's What That Means for Parents, Children.
By Jonathan Butcher

Pelican State officials have approved a proposal that says sex is "immutable," that a "female" is someone who produces eggs absent a biological anomaly, and that a "male" is someone who produces sperm.
As Media Ignore Illegal Immigration Wave, Americans Turn to These Sources for Info: The   BorderLine
By Simon Hankinson

Here are recommendations on what to watch for in a crash course on the illegal immigration crisis.
Texas GOP Primary Runoff Results Bring Big Wins for School Choice
By Jason Bedrick

Some of the final roadblocks to school choice in Texas are falling, opening up the way for true education freedom in the Lone Star State.
ICYMI: Here's the Real Reason Why Congress Is So Dysfunctional
By Armstrong Williams

Congress is largely run by rookies paid miserly wages who then move on after a few years to lucrative lobbying on K Street as a financial necessity. Congress is starved of institutional memory and expertise.

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