EXCLUSIVE: Maine School Board Asks Church What It Believes About Marriage, Abortion, Gender Before Denying Lease

May 26 2023
Happy Friday from  Washington, where Democrats don't want to cut spending to lower the burgeoning national debt. Budget expert David Ditch offers five targets that might make sense even to them. In Maine, a school board denies a lease to a church after quizzing it about abortion and the trans movement. Tyler O'Neil reports. On the podcast, O'Neil interviews a pastor about the disturbing rise of "woke Christianity." Plus: outrage grows over an LGBTQ event for "youth" that excludes parents; the Supremes tweak the EPA by ruling that a couple may build on their own land; and a Texas bill to rid school libraries of sexually explicit material awaits the governor's signature.  On this date in 1868, after a two-month trial, the Senate fails by one vote to convict President An drew Johnson  of a final impeachment charge brought by the House. 
EXCLUSIVE: Maine School Board Asks Church What It Believes About Marriage, Abortion, Gender Before Denying Lease
By Tyler O'Neil

Chris McLaughlin, a school board member who includes personal pronouns in his signature, says he wanted to know "how The Pines Church approaches … diversity, equity, and inclusion."
'Start Pushing Back': Lawmakers Slam LGBTQ+ 'Youth Carnival' That Bars Parents
By Tony Kinnett

"It's alarming how quickly the 'Pride' movement has gone from 'just stay out of our bedroom' to 'give us your kids and stay out!'" Rep. Jim Banks tells The Daily Signal.
Memo to Debt Limit Negotiators: Here Are 5 Wasteful Budget Items Ripe for Cutting
By David Ditch

The perfect example of Washington's broken approach to spending is haphazardly doling out millions of dollars at a time for local boondoggle projects.
Supreme Court Acknowledges God Was Right: 'Land' Really Is Different From 'Water'
By Paul J. Larkin

The Environmental Protection Agency and the Army Corps of Engineers take it upon themselves to decide what land is covered by the Waters of the U.S. rule. Thankfully, the court sets it all straight.
Texas Governor Expected to Sign Ban of Sexually Explicit Content in Public Schools
By Tony Kinnett

A book containing "patently offensive" material such as depictions of pornography and rape would be labeled as "sexually explicit," prohibiting placement in any K-12 school library.
'Woke Jesus': How a 'Doctrine of Demons' Is Infiltrating Christianity
By Tyler O'Neil

Lucas Miles, a pastor, warns that "woke Christianity" boils down to a false version of the faith tracing back to a "Marxist substructure" that reframes the faith in terms of oppressors and oppressed.
ICYMI: Biden Admin's Grants to Left-Wing Projects Aim to 'Destroy' Conservatives, Watchdog Says
By Ken McIntyre

The Biden administration has weaponized taxpayer-funded anti-terrorism grants to "destroy" conservatives, including Christians and "highly reputable" organizations, says a new report.

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