Fact Checking 7 Claims in Biden's State of the Union Address

February 8 2023
Good morning from Washington, where President Biden last night painted the nation as coming back strong in his State of the Union address. We've got fact checks, the GOP response, and more from our reporters plus compelling analysis by Heritage Foundation policy experts. A middle school teacher who sent sexually suggestive messages to a student no longer works for an Indiana school district, writes Tony Kinnett.  Plus: AOC tries to link the Border Patrol to a militia, and why most women decide to get abortions. Eighty years ago today,  Japanese troops evacuate Guadalcanal as a hard-fought American victory leaves the South Pacific island in the Allies' hands.
Fact-Checking 7 Claims in Biden's State of the Union Address
By Fred Lucas, Tony Kinnett, Jarrett Stepman, Virginia Allen, Mary Margaret Olohan

The Daily Signal team examines Biden's claims about police reform, inflation, the border, and more.
Indiana Teacher 'No Longer Employed' After Sexually Charged Messages Unearthed
By Tony Kinnett

Following an exposé from The Daily Signal about sexually charged text messages sent to a high school student, an Indiana school district no longer employs teacher Ben Yoder.
Biden's Misguided Policies in State of the Union Address
By Peter Parisi

The Heritage Foundation policy analysts provide in-depth analysis of President Biden's policy proposals.
Republicans Erupt, Call Biden 'LIAR' Over Medicare Claims
By Mary Margaret Olohan

House Republicans boo President Joe Biden over his claim that the GOP wants to cut Medicare and Social Security.
Breaking Down Biden's State of the Union Speech: What He Got Right, Where He Missed Mark
By Virginia Allen

Ryan Walker, vice president of government relations for Heritage Action for America, breaks down Biden's speech and add some important context to some of the president's claims.
EXCLUSIVE: Majority of Women Who Got Abortions Were Pressured Into Them, Study Finds
By Mary Margaret Olohan

Over 60% of women who aborted their unborn baby report high levels of pressure from other sources, a new peer-reviewed study from the Charlotte Lozier Institute finds.
Sarah Sanders Slams Biden's 'Left-Wing Culture War' in State of the Union Response
By Mary Margaret Olohan

"We are under attack in a left-wing culture war we didn't start and never wanted to fight," says the Arkansas governor.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Suggests Border Patrol Agents Should Be Fired for Working With SPLC-Designated 'Hate Groups'
By Tyler O'Neil

The Southern Poverty Law Center is a left-leaning activist group notorious for its "hate group" accusations against mainstream conservative and Christian organizations.
Biden's Biggest Blunders in State of the Union
By Daily Signal Staff

Check out President Biden's gaffes and strange claims in the State of the Union in the video.

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