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Monday, April 22, 2019

NR Daily: Donald Trump Will Need to Hand over His Tax Returns

The lawsuit he just filed in an effort to avoid doing so is frivolous.

April 22 2019



Donald Trump Will Need to Hand over His Tax Returns

David French

Trump may disagree with the law that grants Congress such broad authority, but it is the law, and presidents must comply with the law. Read More


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Top Stories

Notre-Dame, Saint Patrick's, and the Cathedrals That Are Our Lives

Kathryn Jean Lopez

We won't be here forever, and there's much work to be done on the infrastructure of love in our lives, reaching out to anyone whose path we cross, with beauty that can be more than a vacation visit — with every word and glance of our lives.

The Mueller Report Exposes the Absurdity of the Governing Class

Jay Cost

Despite decades of egregious errors, a group of "leaders" remains steadfastly in place, waiting to take charge again.

Pompeo: Length of Sanctions 'Depends Solely' on Iran's Leaders

Mairead McArdle

Mike Pompeo said Monday that the length of new U.S. sanctions on Iran's oil industry will depend 'on the Islamic Republic of Iran's senior leaders.'


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Henry Kissinger, Shouted Down at NYU, Addresses Yale's WFB Society

Daniel Gelernter

The students who think they're helping others cast off the shackles of Western imperialism are the most culturally Western of us all.

England Journal

Jay Nordlinger

I'll never forget the first time I was in London -- I believe it was the first time I was abroad. It was thrilling. And, do you know, it still is? Thrilling, I mean.

Supreme Court to Consider LGBT Job-Discrimination Cases

Mairead McArdle

The Supreme Court has agreed to take up cases involving LGBT individuals who claim they were fired from their jobs because of sexual orientation.


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