Saturday, November 11, 2023

Trans Anomaly: Nashville Shooter’s Manifesto Suggests an Inconvenient Aspect of ‘Gender-Affirming Care’

November 11 2023
Trans Anomaly: Nashville Shooter's Manifesto Suggests an Inconvenient Aspect of 'Gender-Affirming Care'
By Tyler O'Neil

The vast majority of mass shooters are male, and male biochemistry helps to explain why. Yet the person who opened fire at Nashville's Covenant School was biologically female.
High School Students Chase Abortion Advocates off Property, Burn Contraceptives They Left Behind
By Sara Garstka

When abortion advocates visit a high school to give a talk, pro-life students in the African republic of Malawi chase them off the grounds and then burn their boxes of condoms.
Canceling Cancel Culture
By John Stossel

"I was afraid to have Thomas Sowell and Jordan Peterson books on my bookshelf," 23-year-old Rikki Schlott says of her college days.
The BorderLine: Senate Hearing Shows—Again—Why Mayorkas Should Be Impeached
By Simon Hankinson

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas once again avoids answering tough questions from concerned members of Congress.
Another Time in the Tenderloin
By Terence Jeffrey

How does one of the wealthiest counties in America have a neighborhood where people sleep on the sidewalks? Those who run the city allowed it to happen.
Best Way to Change Trans Policies in Sports? Women Refuse to Play
By Nicole Russell

If sports associations won't change their policies to make the playing field level again, the best course of action for now is for females to refuse to play.
Michigan Parentage Bill Ignores Importance of Biology
By Emma Waters

There are deep moral problems with this use of reproductive technology, and especially with this Michigan law.
Donors' Power of Purse Sends Loud Rebuke to Colleges' Shameful Silence on Pro-Hamas Protests
By Mike Gonzalez

Students from across the U.S. take to the streets to defend the indefensible mass killings and gang rapes Oct. 7 in the Holy Land. So billionaire alumni withhold donations from elite schools.
ICYMI: Democrats' Evolving Defense Means Biden Impeachment Closing In, GOP Congressman Says
By Fred Lucas

Democrats' evolving defense of President Biden and his family's business activities speaks volumes about where a congressional investigation is going, says Rep. Andrew Clyde, R-Ga.

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