Friday, November 17, 2023

EXCLUSIVE: Here’s How Much Moms for Liberty’s Co-Founders Made in 2022

November 17 2023
EXCLUSIVE: Here's How Much Moms for Liberty's Co-Founders Made in 2022
By Tyler O'Neil

The parental rights group Moms for Liberty's revenue is up over 500% in its second year, according to the Form 990 it filed with the IRS.
Christian, Pro-Life Groups Support Biden Program That Funnels Money to Abortion Groups Overseas
By Fred Lucas

Several Christian organizations support full authorization of an AIDS relief program even though the money goes to organizations that advocate more abortions abroad.
Amid Massive Overpayments by Feds, FOIA Documents Show They 'Only Deal in Billions'
By Rachel Greszler

You know there's a problem when the rounding unit for a federal program's improper payments equals the annual incomes of 13,408 U.S. households.
For Hamas, Conflict 'Only Starting With Israel,' Embassy Official Warns
By Virginia Allen

Hamas is a "brutal terrorist organization" and "it's only starting with Israel," a staffer at the Israeli Embassy to the U.S. warns.
Faithful Catholic Colleges See 'Unprecedented' Enrollment Numbers, Financial Support
By Mary Margaret Olohan

As most collegiate institutions grapple with disappointing enrollment, a slew of faithful Catholic colleges are reporting surprising enrollment numbers and financial support.
The Best Way to Fight Indoctrination in Schools: School Choice
By Lucy Gilbert

Education freedom is the "great equalizer" and has "the biggest impact" on preventing indoctrination in schools, proclaims Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds.
'No Evidence' of Joe Biden's Corruption? That's Willful Blindness
By Ellen Wittman

It turns out there's a lot of evidence of President Biden's corruption: bank records, IRS whistleblowers, text messages, emails, confidential human source reports, and more. It's a lot.
Wake Up, Washington: America's Credit Outlook Now 'Negative'
By David Ditch

The credit rating agencies are right to say that federal debt is no longer as risk-free as it used to be.
ICYMI: House Democrat on Anti-Israel DNC Riot: It 'Scared Me More Than January 6'
By Jarrett Stepman

Pro-Palestinian protesters gather in front of the Democratic National Committee headquarters, demanding a cease-fire in the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

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