Friday, November 10, 2023

Even Democrats Know ‘Evidence Is Concrete’ in Biden Probe, Rep. Andrew Clyde Says

November 10 2023
Even Democrats Know 'Evidence Is Concrete' in Biden Probe, Rep. Andrew Clyde Says
By Fred Lucas

Democrats' evolving defense of President Biden and his family's business activities speaks volumes about where a congressional investigation is going, says Rep. Andrew Clyde, R-Ga.
Here's Where AP, Reuters, NYT, and CNN Got Their Oct. 7 Hamas Photos and What It Says About Palestinian 'Civilians'
By Tyler O'Neil

How did U.S. news outlets get their photos of Hamas terrorists on Oct. 7? What does it reveal about the Gazan "civilians" that Hamas uses as human shields in the ensuing conflict?
Veterans Back Tuberville's Military Holds in Protest of Pentagon Abortion Policy
By Lucy Gilbert

To mark Veterans Day, six national security analysts at The Heritage Foundation who served in the military salute Sen. Tommy Tuberville's stand against the Pentagon's abortion policy.
Mass Pro-Israel Rally to Take Place in Washington
By Mary Margaret Olohan

Major U.S. Jewish groups are organizing a pro-Israel rally next week in Washington, D.C., to condemn the Hamas terrorist attacks on Israel and call for release of hostages.
How a Rifle Unlocked the Stories of America's WWII Veterans
By Virginia Allen

Marine veteran Andrew Biggio gets 320 World War II veterans to sign his M1 Garand rifle. "You can't even see the wooden stalk" under all the signatures, he says.
Arrests 'Part of the Deal': Climate Activists Who Struck Degas Exhibit to Return to DC
By Elizabeth Troutman

An extremist climate group that defaced an exhibit last spring at the National Gallery of Art plans to lead a week of D.C. area protests beginning today.
The Food Insecurity Lie
By John Stossel

"Food insecurity is not the same thing as hunger," explains Rachel Sheffield, who researches welfare policy at The Heritage Foundation.
Texas Think Tank Expands Election Integrity Focus to 5 Key Battleground States for 2024
By Fred Lucas

The Texas Public Policy Foundation announces plans to expand its focus on voter integrity by scrutinizing five battleground states ahead of the 2024 presidential election.
ICYMI: USA Today Reveals True Colors With Front-Page Hit Piece on Libs of TikTok
By Tim Graham

Gannett still calls its national newspaper USA Today, but on some days, the front page looks more like "LGBTQIA Today."

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