Thursday, November 9, 2023

8 Key Moments From Third GOP Primary Debate

November 9 2023
8 Key Moments From Third GOP Primary Debate
By Virginia Allen, Mary Margaret Olohan, Jarrett Stepman, Tyler O'Neil, Tony Kinnett

The candidates discussed Israel, abortion, China, rising antisemitism on college campuses, the border, and much more.
6 Takeaways From Trump's Debate-Skipping Rally in Florida
By Fred Lucas

"Just like the Cuban regime, the Biden regime is trying to put their political opponents in jail, shutting down free speech," says the former president.
What's Driving Antisemitism Surge on America's Campuses
By Eric Schmitt

"DEI and CRT are the fruit of the poisonous tree of cultural Marxism, and it's playing out right now in the streets," says Sen. Eric Schmitt.
Candidates and Moderators: Hits and Misses from Third GOP Debate
By Virginia Allen

Karen Jaroch, the Florida state director for Heritage Action for America, joins "The Daily Signal Podcast" to discuss her biggest takeaways from the third debate and offer analysis.
Vivek Ramaswamy Slams Liberal Debate Moderators: 'This Should Be Tucker Carlson'
By Mary Margaret Olohan

"Think about who's moderating this debate. This should be Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan, and Elon Musk," says Ramaswamy.
Whose Baby Is It? The Complications of Surrogacy
By Virginia Allen

The National Library of Medicine reports that between 1999 and 2013, there were over 30,000 surrogate pregnancies in the U.S.
'Undefeated' Football Coach Launches Not-for-Holidays-Only Community Service Campaign
By Sara Garstka

"Don't be a Turkey Person," says football coach Bill Courtney, the subject of an Oscar-winning documentary, in his new community-giving campaign.
Reporting of Antisemitism, Anti-Israel Bias Gets Short Shrift From Media
By Steve Krakauer

"No Evidence of Hate Crime Has Emerged in Killing of Synagogue Leader, Officials Say," was The New York Times headline.
'This Is How I Know God Has His Hand on It': Riley Gaines Made Advocating for Women's Sports Her Full-Time Job
By Lucy Gilbert

"We felt violated. We felt humiliated. We felt betrayed. We felt belittled," Riley Gaines recalls of swimming against male swimmer Lia Thomas.
ICYMI: 'End the Occupation!' Chants Derail House Hearing on Antisemitism
By Tyler O'Neil

Anti-Israel protesters briefly derail a House Judiciary Committee hearing on free speech and antisemitism on college campuses Wednesday morning.

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