Saturday, September 16, 2023

Post-Postmodern America, Meet Mao’s Cultural Revolution

September 16 2023
Post-Postmodern America, Meet Mao's Cultural Revolution
By Victor Davis Hanson

The common theme of these absurdities is how contrary to human nature, impractical, and destructive utopian wokeism is, whether in matters of energy, race, crime, or illegal immigration.
Hunter's Gun Indictment Is Moment of Truth for Biden Regime
By Josh Hammer

Weiss' indictment has thus clarified the stakes. We all now know what is on the line—and it isn't just Hunter Biden's fate as a free man.
House Oversight Committee Members Launch Probe Into Biden's Maui Fires Response
By Tony Kinnett

House Republicans have launched a probe into the Biden administration's controversial response to the Maui fires in August.
College Lacrosse Coach Ousted From Position After Speaking Up Against Male Athletes Competing Against Women
By Lillian Tweten

Oberlin College's head women's lacrosse coach, Kim Russell, has been "reassigned" to a desk job after she spoke out against allowing biological men to compete in women's sports.
Federal Spending Bills Must Address Border Crisis, Conservatives Say
By Virginia Allen

If congressmen are serious about border security, they will use the power of the purse to secure America's borders, according to The Heritage Foundation's Lora Ries.
PragerU Is Now in Schools. Teacher Unions Are Fuming.
By C.J. Pearson

Joy Reid of MSNBC labeled PragerU a "racist" organization. California Gov. Gavin Newsom derided us as "propaganda."
ICYMI: Who Says There Isn't Enough Evidence for a Biden Impeachment Inquiry?
By David Harsanyi

There already exists tons of substantive proof that Joe Biden was likely "engaged" in the family racket.

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