Tuesday, September 12, 2023

More Americans Jobless Than Biden’s Official Unemployment Rate Shows

Plus: Connecting the Dots Between Fani Willis and Unrepentant Communists
September 12 2023
More Americans Jobless Than Biden's Official Unemployment Rate Shows
By EJ Antoni

The absence of millions of Americans from the workforce artificially lowers the unemployment rate.
Connecting the Dots Between Fani Willis and Unrepentant Communists
By Mike Gonzalez

Communist apparatchik Angela Davis' appearance in the middle of former President Trump's Atlanta prosecution saga is a reminder of how selective justice has been in prosecuting political violence.
Schools, Universities Bringing Back Mask Mandates, Shutdowns
By Brandon Poulter

Schools and universities around the U.S. are bringing back mask mandates and shutdowns as COVID-19 numbers rise.
COVID-19 ORIGINS: Experts Consulted by Fauci Suddenly Changed Their Minds
By Robert Moffit, Mary McCloskey

More revelations concerning the initial responses of top officials at the National Institutes of Health about the origins of COVID-19 keep dripping out of the federal bureaucracy.
ICYMI: Mother and Grandfather Mourn Death of Family Lost to 'Border Crisis'
By Virginia Allen

"The blood of my daughter, the blood of our mom, it's on everybody's hands … from the administration down to local officials, from President Biden to [Secretary] Mayorkas," says Elisa Tambunga.

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