Thursday, November 24, 2022

Thanksgiving and the American Wisdom of Carving Out a Day for Gratitude

November 24 2022
Happy Thanksgiving from Washington, where first lady Jill Biden probably is grateful for the recent raise that keeps her income well above that of most Americans as inflation rages. Fred Lucas reports. We've also got reflections on Thanksgiving from Rachel Alexander, John Stossel, and Jarrett Stepman. On the podcast, Virginia Allen finds out how the woman who originally championed the holiday envisioned Americans' observation of Thanksgiving. On this date in 1849, J ohn Froelich, who would invent the first internal-combustion tractor some 40 years later, is born in Iowa. Enjoy your holiday weekend!
Thanksgiving and the American Wisdom of Carving Out a Day for Gratitude
By Rachel K. Alexander

From the Pilgrims' feast to 20th-century Thanksgiving Day parades, our tradition has been marked by humble contemplation of unearned grace and celebration of all we've been given.
EXCLUSIVE: Jill Biden Got a Raise. Here's What She's Earning for Teaching at a Community College
By Fred Lucas

First lady Jill Biden got a raise at her faculty job at Northern Virginia Community College, where she teaches English.
The History of Thanksgiving, Explained by a Hillsdale Professor
By Virginia Allen

Hillsdale College professor Adam Carrington serves up Thanksgiving's history along with its political and religious components.
Students at Maryland High School Shown Thanksgiving Video Depicting Pilgrims as Oppressors (Flashback)
By Jarrett Stepman

The video shown at Whitman High was narrated by activist and former U.N. delegate Larissa FastHorse, whose Thanksgiving message was that "we are all complicit in standing on stolen land."
The War on Thanksgiving (Flashback)
By Jarrett Stepman

Thanksgiving is in the beginning stages of receiving the Columbus Day treatment. We can't underestimate the threat of a few militant voices amplified by America's culture-shaping institutions.
 Socialism Almost Killed the Pilgrims
By John Stossel

The Pilgrims attempted collective farming. The whole community decided when and how much to plant, when to harvest and who would do the work.
ICYMI: Churchill in Disrepute as Woke Indoctrination in Schools Spreads Throughout West
By Jarrett Stepman

Woke attitudes are becoming pervasive among young people, even outside the United States.

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