Saturday, August 6, 2022

It’s Not a Loophole Just Because Democrats Don’t Like It

August 6 2022

Good morning from Washington, where the Senate holds a "vote-a-rama" this weekend as Democrats scramble to spend more of your money. We've got suitably outraged commentaries from David Harsanyi and Deroy Murdock. Biden's reaction to China's continued belligerance isn't reassuring, Patty-Jane Geller writes. On the podcast, Richard Reinsch chats with fellow Heritage Foundation scholar Brenda Hafera about the wokening of presidential homes. Plus: commentator James Lindsay takes on groomers; using guns to defend ourselves; and "Doonesbury" won't let Trump alone. On this date in 1948, diver Vicki Draves wins gold at the London Olympics, becoming the first Asian American to do so.

It's Not a Loophole Just Because Democrats Don't Like It
By David Harsanyi

Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., claims that Democrats are merely trying to "close the loopholes and collect the taxes that are owed to the Treasury and the United States people."
'Inflation Reduction Act' Would Leave Americans Poor, Oppressed, Sick, and Dead
By Deroy Murdock

The so-called Inflation Reduction Act would fight inflation through higher government spending. That's like battling alcoholism with just one more round of drinks.
Team Biden Cancels Routine Missile Test to Appease an Adversary … Again
By Patty-Jane Geller

China clearly doesn't care about de-escalation. So why should the U.S.?
Cultural Critic James Lindsay Explains Rise of 'Groomers'
By Douglas Blair

"The goal is to destabilize these kids," Lindsay says. "It's to make them unsure of their identity, to put them in a position where there's going to be conflict with their family … with their faith."
Undermining Legacy of Jefferson and Madison in Their Own Homes
By Richard M. Reinsch II

Things quickly get bad at Thomas Jefferson's Monticello, and just plain ugly at James Madison's Montpelier. Podcast guest Brenda Hafera explains.
Why Biden Hasn't Scrapped Trump's 'Remain in Mexico' Policy
By Jennie Taer

One reason Biden hasn't delivered on his word and ditched the Trump policy is because his political future is at risk if more chaos occurs at the border, an immigration lawyer says.
Second Amendment Protects Everyone, as 12 Examples of Defensive Gun Use Show
By Amy Swearer, Isaac Bock

Millions more Americans now understand that the right to keep and bear arms offers the most meaningful defense of their inalienable rights.
'Doonesbury' Still Attacks Trump, Ignores Biden's Many Gaffes, Policy Failures
By Peter Parisi

We're a year and a half into the Biden administration, but you'd never know that from Garry Trudeau, the liberal hack behind the long-running "Doonesbury" comic strip.

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