Thursday, November 25, 2021

On Thanksgiving, Let’s Give Thanks to God

November 25 2021

Happy Thanksgiving from Washington, where we hope you're able to gather in thanks with loved ones wherever you are. We've got a reflection from Lee Edwards on Thanksgiving during a difficult year and John Stossel on the lessons of the pilgrims. Plus: Mary Margaret Olohan talks to Sen. Rand Paul about the COVID-19 vaccine for kids, and Rob Bluey reports on Virginia Lt. Gov.-elect Winsome Sears' views on COVID-19 immunity. On this date in 1950, the "storm of the century" strikes the Eastern U.S. at Thanksgiving, dumping sometimes impassable snow on multiple states, killing hundreds, and wreaking millions of dollars in damages. Let's count our blessings today and this weekend. Morning Bell will return Saturday.

On Thanksgiving, Let's Give Thanks to God
By Lee Edwards

Proclaiming a national day of Thanksgiving, George Washington acknowledged God as the source of all "the great and various favors which he has pleased to confer upon us."
Rand Paul: Militants Want to 'Hold Your Kid Down and Give Them a Shot Without Your Permission'
By Mary Margaret Olohan

"I don't think that we have completely explored the safety for children," says Paul. "No. 1, we don't know—whether or not your child has already had COVID—whether the vaccine is safe."
No Private Property Almost Killed Off the Pilgrims
By John Stossel

No individual pilgrim owned crops they grew, so no one had an incentive to work harder to produce extra to sell. Since even slackers got food from the communal supply, they had no reason to work hard.
Ahmaud Arbery's Dad Says 'All Lives Matter' in Reaction to Verdicts
By Kendall Tietz

"For real, all lives matter," Marcus Arbery told the media following the guilty verdicts. "Not just black children, we don't want to see nobody go through this."
A Time to Remember It's More Blessed to Give Than Receive
By Cal Thomas

At Thanksgiving we are supposed to be thankful for what we have received. Those who make a practice of giving to others know what Jesus meant about the greater blessing that comes from giving.
'Maybe You'll Need to Report a Relative to the FBI!' An Atlantic Writer's Advice For Dealing With Conservative Family On Thanksgiving
By Laurel Duggan

A newsletter from The Atlantic urged readers to use Thanksgiving as an opportunity to "deprogram" their conservative relatives.
 Winsome Sears Blasts CNN, Gets Backup From Dr. Ben Carson on COVID-19 Immunity
By Rob Bluey

"If I've already gotten COVID, why do I need to get the vaccine? I've already had it," Virginia Lt. Gov.-elect Winsome Sears says.
ICYMI: Horrific Waukesha Deaths Result of Justice System Run by Soros-Backed Prosecutor
By Amy Swearer

John Chisholm, the rogue George Soros-backed prosecutor in Milwaukee County, released Darrell Brooks when he should have sought no bail.

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