Thursday, July 22, 2021

Federal Education Officials Backpedal on Pushing Critical Race Theory in Schools

July 22 2021

Good morning from Washington, where top educrats have second thoughts about helping to cement critical race theory in classrooms. But the fight against this racist outlook isn't over, Jon Butcher warns. The U.S. must press China to slow the surge of drugs into America, Lora Ries and Carolyn Moorman write. On the podcast, a Colorado congresswoman describes her third visit to the border. Plus: the White House's chilling social media strategy; the left's power play on energy; and cautionary tales from survivors of communism. Thirty years ago today, Milwaukee police spot enough grisly evidence in his apartment to arrest Jeffrey Dahmer, who will confess to killing 17 and eating parts of some victims.

Federal Education Officials Backpedal on Pushing Critical Race Theory in Schools
By Jonathan Butcher

The Education Department proposed prioritizing racially discriminatory ideas in a grant program for K-12 schools. But after a "significant" number of comments, the agency demurred.
Biden White House Admits Using Big Tech to Silence Americans
By Chris Talgo

In one of the most anti-free speech pronouncements ever made by the U.S. government, the Biden administration comes clean on its incestuous relationship with Big Tech.
Hold China, Biden Administration to Account to Prevent Drugs From Crossing Southwest Border
By Lora Ries

The historic number of U.S. deaths from drug overdoses in 2020 stems from the Chinese Communist Party's negligence, deception, and known export of poison to America.
'More and More Devastating': Congresswoman Details Third Trip to Border
By Rachel del Guidice

The Colorado Republican discusses the migrant children she ran into at the border and the number of illegal immigrants taken into custody in June.
Congress, Don't Let Liberals Shoehorn Harmful Energy Policies Into Budget and Infrastructure Bills
By Katie Tubb

President Biden wants to decarbonize the electricity sector fully by 2035 and to reach economywide net zero emissions by 2050.
During Captive Nations Week, Heed Warnings of These 3 Victims of Communism
By Virginia Allen

Survivors of communism, pro-democracy activists, and political leaders commemorate the annual Captive Nations Week.
ICYMI: Media Finds Mark Levin's 'American Marxism' Book Too Counterrevolutionary
By Tim Graham

The talk radio giant calls on Americans to support conservative media because the old media demonstrates that "challenges to Marxist-centric ideas are not tolerated."

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