Sunday, August 19, 2018

Week in Review: Revoking Brennan’s Security Clearance: The Right Thing, Even if for the Wrong Reason

That a decision amounts to political payback does not necessarily make it wrong, but its in-your-face pettiness undermines its justification.

August 19 2018


Revoking Brennan's Security Clearance: The Right Thing, Even if for the Wrong Reason

Andrew C. McCarthy

John Brennan's security clearance deserved to be removed because he is not trustworthy and was using his access for partisan political purposes. Read More


Top Stories

The Compulsory Society

Kevin D. Williamson

Why compel Jack Phillips to knuckle under? Because you can, and because you hate him.

The Deflation of the Academic Brand

Victor Davis Hanson

When self-professed experts are wrong over and over, for decades, what's the value of a university degree?

Flashback: Brennan Refused to Affirm Trump Campaign-Russia 'Collusion' before Congress

Mairead McArdle

In House testimony last year, the former CIA chief pointedly balked at confirming collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.


The New York Times Runs a Sloppy, Specious Democratic Hit on Brett Kavanaugh

David French

Once again, the Democrats have taken their swing at Brett Kavanaugh. Once again, they've missed.

The Agenda That Dare Not Speak Its Name

Matthew Continetti

The reason Democrats seek power in 2018 is to obstruct President Trump wholly and without exception, to tie down his administration using the subpoena powers of a dozen committees, and ultimately to lay the groundwork for his impeachment.

Mueller v. Manafort: Is It about Gates — or a Mountain of Documents?

Andrew C. McCarthy

The prosecution wants the jury to focus on Manafort's document trail.

Why Are People Giving Peter Strzok Their Money?

Katherine Timpf

Actual people with actual brains actually decided that the best use of their hard-earned cash was to just give it away to this dude.

Cuomo Walks Back 'America Was Never That Great' Gaffe

Mairead McArdle

'Of course America is great and of course America has always been great. No one questions that,' the New York governor told reporters Friday.




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