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Thursday, March 22, 2018

How This College Conservative Counters Liberal Intolerance on Massachusetts Campuses

The Daily Signal
March 22, 2018

Good morning from Washington, where the House hopes to vote on a spending bill to keep the government open through September. Conservatives have major reservations, Rachel del Guidice reports. The White House holds its "Generation Next" conference today with millennials, and we'll be there to cover the action. Meanwhile, del Guidice profiles two young Americans who will participate. Plus: Romina Boccia and Lauren Bowman on the wrong way to spur competition in the travel industry, Brooke Medina on why military families need education options, Michelle Malkin on how political correctness aids terrorism, and Fred Lucas on the new movie about Ted Kennedy and Chappaquiddick.


How This College Conservative Counters Liberal Intolerance on Massachusetts Campuses

A college professor "posted on Facebook, 'F— Donald Trump and f— anyone who voted for Donald Trump, you are not welcome here,'" recounts Jason Ross, a senior in college.

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FBI Political Correctness Allowed This Islamist Teenager to Carry Out Attack

The brutal attack was no bolt out of the blue, no unexpected incidence of sudden jihad syndrome. Local school officials and police in Palm Beach County, along with federal and international law enforcement, had encountered many red flags in years of dealing with Corey Johnson.

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3 Big Problems Conservatives Have With the Government Spending Bill

"It's not good for the American taxpayer and not ... in any way close to consistent with what we said we would do when they elected us," says Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio.

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This Education Bill Would Be a Game-Changer for Military Families Like Mine

Making children from military families eligible for an education savings account is one of the best ways our policymakers can support those who serve.

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Millennial and Navy Veteran Sets a New Course to Protect the Land of the Free

"If you don't have confidence that your ideas are better than this other person's, are more convincing, you need to work on your ideas," says Jeff Lyons.

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Maryland Bill Would Drive Out Airbnb, Other Hotel Competition

Home-sharing platforms such as Airbnb are a boon to local economies and travelers alike. Only hotels stand to lose.

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'Chappaquiddick' Shows a Ted Kennedy Marked by Complexity and Guilt

The movie depicts how privilege allowed the Massachusetts senator, who walked in large shadows, to escape accountability for a young woman's death.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

NR Daily: Analyzing Russia, Jeremy Corbyn Puts On His Tin Hat, Again

The man who would be prime minister goes out of his way to avoid blaming Russia for the nerve-agent attack on the Skripals.

March 21 2018



Analyzing Russia, Jeremy Corbyn Puts On His Tin Hat, Again

Douglas Murray

The man who would be prime minister goes out of his way to avoid blaming Russia for the nerve-agent attack on the... Read More

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